DIY Success

Interior Designer Melbourne

We have a strong culture of DIY in Australia, spear headed by a number of factors from reality TV shows to great big hardware stores, to the abundance of ‘how to videos’ available online.  But DIY isn’t for everyone, I think it’s important to choose carefully what you do yourself and when to bring in a professional, so here are my top tips on DIY success;


  1. Be realistic about your skill set. By watching reality TV or ‘how to’ videos you can quickly get the impression that your DIY tasks are easy and while some tasks are manageable others are not.
  2. DIY habit or one off? If you have a one-off task do you think you it’s worth the time, money and tool investment???  Unless you love DIY and have the knack and therefore most of the tools already, for one off tasks get a professional.
  3. Seek advice first before you embark on your DIY task. Whether it’s painting, installing shelves, paving or choosing and hanging ready made curtains actually speak to a professional first to understand what’s truly involved and what you need.
  4. Attend a DIY course. Rather than watching short ‘how to’ videos, if you’re really keen on DIY and want to make the time and tool investment then attend a course, Bunnings have lots of workshops in their local stores.
  5. Start small and build your confidence. Rather than taking on a big task first and spending lots of money on tools and materials you may not use again, start with a small, achievable task.  If you manage that successfully and get the bug, then take the next step.

Bonus Tip – Be Safe.

We can’t all be good at everything, I out source the things I’m not good at, and appreciate a job well done, being realistic about DIY is key to DIY success.  If you have an interior design or an interior styling project, we offer flexible packages that can help you DIY some aspects of your project, contact us to find out how?