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This month the recurring question I’ve come across in my design adventures has been about what the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator or stylist is and when to engage with a designer or stylist.  Here are my top tips about how and when to work with a designer or stylist;

1)      An interior design project usually involves structural changes, review of a floor plan and tradespeople.

2)      Use an interior designer at the very beginning of any project such as a renovation, refurbishment or new build.  An interior designer will work in conjunction with you and your architect or draftsperson to develop drawings and floor plans.


A key point to note at this stage is that the architect is best skilled at designing the EXTERIOR of your property whereas an interior designer focuses on the INTERIOR.


You want both the interior and exterior of your project to be considered at the same time for the best results.


3)      An interior styling project usually involves aesthetics that is look and feel only, there are no structural changes.

4)      Use a stylist when you want to update your space in terms of style, colour, texture, light, accessories and so on.

5)      An interior designer can advise on structural changes and floor plans and effectively work with an architect or draftsperson AND they can also work on styling projects but an interior decorator can generally only work on aesthetics, look, feel and style.


Earlier this year a prospective client contacted me about a renovation, he called an interior designer first, this was a good move because an interior designer has the vision to deliver the client’s goals internally and the knowledge to advise on floor plans and can bring all relevant professionals together.