Design in Cafes

Melbourne interior designers

I’ve noticed that some Melbourne cafes are lacking individuality, opting for a standard ‘industrial’ look and replica furniture pieces seen over and over again.  During the Christmas break there were some cafes I walked into and walked straight out because they were just not appealing, didn’t feel right, so here are my top tips for what makes good interior design in cafés;

  1. Personality, diners respond to a story.  Behind every café or at least every café owner there is a story.  Translating this story into the interior design of a café makes the diner feel good, like they are part of something big, something they talk about.
  2. Cohesion, a good café needs to be cohesive that means there is a connection between the name of the café, the menu, and the interior design.
  3. Comfort, whether the café has standard tables and chairs or bar tables and stools, or even a communal table, the seating needs to be comfortable for the diners.  Replica furniture made from harsh materials is rarely comfortable.
  4. Noise, a café needs some sound absorbency to allow diners to talk to each other without shouting.
  5. Light, lighting plays a big role in a café, you need enough light for the café to be functional for the wait staff, you need ambient lighting to create a nice mood and ornamental lighting to add aesthetically to the overall look.

There are some cafes with a great interior design, where the story extends to the menu design, table setting, even the entrance reflects the story inside.  In 2014 my monthly blogs were featured designs on cafés or restaurants and one of my favourites was Hellenic RepublicIf you have a café or know a café owner who could benefit from a cohesive interior design, contact us.