Define Your Style

Interior Designer Melbourne


This month’s blog was inspired by my recent visit to the London Design Festival and being surrounded by many different European interior styles. One of the first tasks I undertake at the beginning of a project is to define the client’s preferred interior design style. I believe once the style goal and the overall aesthetic has been decided all other decisions for example fittings and fixtures are easier to make. Here are my top 5 tips on how to define your style?

  1. Collect images of spaces you like. You might find these images in magazines, shops you visit or online.
  2. Review your images for similarities. For example, one of your images may have a predominant Scandinavian influence and another looks more French Country but both images may have similar textures or colours.
  3. Consider which furniture and homeware retailers you like. Do they specialise in a particular style?
  4. Accept that it’s normal to like things from different styles. You might love a mid-century modern sofa and your grandmother’s vintage Singer sewing machine but try to understand how they might be similar through colour, texture, shape.
  5. Work with an interior designer to help define your style. This final tip is obvious but only an interior designer has the design and style expertise to help you articulate your preferences to define your ultimate interior design style and choose the right pieces for your space.

When embarking on an interior design project it’s easy to think you can work it out yourself and end up with a mish mash of pieces that don’t work together after you have spent a small fortune, so take the time to contact us so we can help you define your preferred interior design style.