Confidently Shop Online

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Online shopping is a fantastic resource for interior designers. It’s great for sourcing unique finds at great prices without spending a lot of time visiting different retailers. But there are a few tips to ensure your online purchases are spot on avoiding the inconvenience and expense of returns. Here are my top tips for online shopping;

  1. Be very clear and specific about what you’re shopping for, it’s easy to get distracted looking at the whole site and easily clicking to different sites, so if you’re shopping for cushions, just look at cushions.
  2. If you find a product you like, search the internet for just that product to find the best price. Even if the product is abroad, you still might save. I’ve done this with wallpaper and Laura Ashley table lamps.
  3. Colours vary from online images to the real thing, green and blues are particularly tricky. For example if you’re looking for emerald green, the actual product might be more like teal. Ask for samples or prepare for variations and returns.
  4. Larger pieces such as sofas and chairs can be purchased online at great prices, however you don’t get to try these for comfort. The best thing to do is to understand the basic important measurements like height, especially if you’re particularly tall, you don’t want a sofa with a short back.
  5. Online shopping is also great for basins, tapware, toilets, shower screens, but you have to be very precise with your measurements.


I save my clients a lot of money by shopping online, without compromising on quality or the final beautiful look and feel of the space. Another thing to remember is that interior designers get trade and sometimes wholesale prices on some pieces, making your project budget go further.

We also offer our shopping expertise through shopping trips to various homeware centres, which is a great way to confidently shop for that perfect piece, to find out more contact us.