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Common Hospitality Design Mistakes

Every hospitality design project will come across a setback, it could be a be with the site itself, a problem with the furniture delivery, or even issues with your local Council.  These problems; big or small could cost you time and money by delaying your opening. 

Nobody wants to delay the opening date of their hospitality business so here are my top tips on overcoming costly mistakes in a hospitality design project;

1 Not doing a feasibility study

Without doubt the biggest problems with a hospitality design project are build problems.  Some unforeseen issue the builder discovers while working, this could be a plumbing, electrical, structural problems and it’s usually costly, so I always advise my clients to do a feasibility study on the space to ensure the site can accommodate the needs of the business and the fit out.

2 Not budgeting for your project properly

Under budgeting for your project is also a common problem amongst some of our clients, as well as not financing it correctly.  Ensure you have a line budget for your project as well as contingency money for any problems that may arise.

3 Not being realistic about how long your project will take

It’s understandable the you want to open your business as fast as possible but, there will be some things beyond your control that could delay your opening date, from issues with Council, delays in furniture delivery, problems with build or tradie availability.

4 Not having a clear vision

The hospitality market is hugely competitively, what will help give you the edge is a clear vision for the design of your space with a beautiful personal back story that people can connect to, not have a clear vision that’s personal to you is a common mistake.

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5 Not engaging a builder to project manage

Thinking you can do the project management yourself without a builder is also a common mistake, you might think you’re saving money by doing it yourself, but you could also be losing time without the coordination of a builder to project manage.

Making the decision to start a hospitality business and working with a designer to realise your vision is both exciting and daunting, being prepared can help you get through the tricky challenges that will come your way by avoiding some of the common mistakes some our clients have experienced.

Good luck with your project and please contact us on 0499 656 7373 or, to discuss your design vision, we offer a free no obligation meeting.