Colour Conundrum

Interior Designer Melbourne

This month I’ve been busy installing a master bedroom and one of the first jobs was painting the walls and ceiling. For many people choosing colour is a conundrum but I follow an easy but effective process to make choosing colour less stressful and maybe even fun.


  1. Choose 3 colours following the 3 colour rule. This is a basic rule that a space should contain 60% primary colour, 30% complementary colour and 10% accent colour.

    Inspiration for your 3 colours can come from anywhere, a favourite colour, a favourite piece of furniture, or a colour that lends itself well to your preferred interior design style.

  2. Get up to four sample pots of a the colour you like. For example for the master bedroom I was installing I wanted a ‘white linen’ colour and from the Dulux range of whites and neutrals and using a sample piece of linen fabric I chose four pots that resembled ‘white linen’. In choosing four sample pots go with your gut, just pick any colour that you like, feels right, might work.

  3. Paint a sizeable piece of white paper with each colour and blue tack to a wall in the space.

  4. Review these four pieces of paper throughout the day and night, with different light sources the colour will look different. Again just go with your gut and pick the sample that appeals.

  5. After a couple of days make a decision but if you’re still not sure just paint one wall this colour and see how you go.


My favourite colour resources are Dulux and Resene. Resene has a whole section on colour tips including colour personalities. Dulux allows you to upload a photo and paint the walls.

There are many resources out there to help you choose colours and finishes but if you’re still unsure contact us for a colour consultationWe offer a colour consultation service as part of our range of interior design services.