Coffee Table Styling

Interior Designer Melbourne

The coffee table is an importance piece of furniture in your living room and no doubt you’ve seen many images of beautifully styled coffee tables with books, sculptures, flowers, and so on but I often wonder the value of all this styling for a piece of furniture that probably needs to be more practical.  A piece you might rest your feet, put coffee on, where the remote lives, maybe a book or newspaper, so here are my PRACTICAL top tips on styling your coffee table;

  1. Be practical and realistic, your coffee table doesn’t have to be styled beautifully everyday, because let’s face it our daily lives are busy and we want to be able to relax in our living room without worrying about messing up the objects on the coffee table.
  2. Choose a beautiful and interesting coffee table that can stand alone without a lot of styling or ornamental objects.
  3. Consider styling your objects on a tray that can be easily moved away or shifted depending on the circumstances.
  4. Have beautiful art on the walls or a gorgeous rug on the floor to take the eye’s focus away from the coffee table which has a more practical application.
  5. Don’t copy what you see in the interior design magazines, find your style and objects that you love and supports your interior design style.


Beautiful design doesn’t have to be complicated or forced, it can be functional and practical too.  To learn your style try our eStyling KIT or contact us for a quote on styling your living room to suit your style and lifestyle.