Christmas Styling a Small Space

Interior Designer Melbourne


For the last 6 month’s I’ve been an intern for Grace Interior Designs and I’m happy to write the final “Top 5 Tips” blog for 2016 about decorating a small space for Christmas.  My name is Carly McLean, I’m a recent Interior Design graduate.  Decorating a small space for Christmas can be lots of fun as a small space allows you to think outside the box and be really creative with the placement of your decorations.   Here are my top 5 tips for decorating a small space for Christmas;

1. Choose a colour scheme & theme; that works with the existing style of your space, this will give you a clear goal for the look you want to achieve and tie the overall look together.  For example, if your style is rustic you could decorate with rough timbers and pine cones.

2. Ornament placement is important; in a small space as it can make or break whether the space is aesthetically pleasing and functional or just too much and overwhelming.  So think about changing cushion covers, or adding a table cloth that can complement your existing decor.

3. Set a budget and stick to it; having a budget in mind will help you make smart choices about which ornaments you buy.  Doing your research on items before heading to the shops will give you a clear understanding of what you want and will stop you from over spending.

4. Less is more; is a great concept for decorating a small space and can be achieved by paying attention to exactly where you will place emphasis with decorations.  Choosing locations first will stop you from over buying decorations and also help with overwhelming your space.  Remember to tie each space in through the use of colour, texture, or style.

5. Choose ornaments that can be reused; or tweaked the following year to save money and storage space.  A good way to achieve this is, if your colour scheme is red, gold and white, use red as your dominant colour this year and next year your dominant colour might be gold.

Decorating a small space for Christmas involves some consideration to get it right, but sticking to a well-researched colour scheme or theme will help to create an overall cohesive space.  I’ve really enjoyed my internship with Grace Interior Designs and hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a fulfilling 2017.

Carly McLean
Interior Designer