Choosing Scatter Cushions

Interior Designer Melbourne

Although small in comparison to everything else in a space for example a sofa or bed, scatter cushions can add great impact to your space through colour, shape and texture.  Here are my top tips on how to choose and position scatter cushions;

  1. Focus, when working with a client, buying cushions is usually one of the last pieces of the puzzle. By then the style goal and colour scheme have been decided and the cushions cement the overall aesthetic, which is why it’s important when buying your cushions to be focused and choose cushions that suit your style goal and colour scheme.
  2. Formal or informal, does your style goal support a formal or informal more casual placement of cushions. This decision helps you choose how many and which size cushions to buy.
  3. Comfort, don’t forget that cushions need to be comfortable as well as beautiful. Putting too many cushions on your sofa for example can be uncomfortable and unsupportive.
  4. Mix textures and shapes, you can mix square with round cushions and wool with linen or velvet and silk cushions. Mix casual textures together and similarly with plush textures.
  5. Keep receipts, it can be hard in store to visualise how your cushions will look in the space, so keeping your receipts gives you peace of mind that if your cushions don’t work you can exchange them.

Bonus tip – some people like to change their cushions seasonally, professionally I think this can be tricky, your cushions are part of a whole scheme so find other ways to change things in your space for example flowers.

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