Choosing Art for Your Space

Interior designer melbourne
A Million Pieces by Catherine Hiller, my latest purchase


Art is so important in an interior design, it’s the finishing touch that can bring all the elements together.  I’m often asked to recommend pieces or artists to various clients which I’m happy to do but I think art is so personal and given that your space is about telling your story I think it’s important for clients to choose their own art, here are my top tips on how to choose art;

1)      What is the most you want to pay for a piece of art?  Having a budget or a maximum limit is a good place to start when looking to buy art.

2)      Understand what you like, this may require some research for example do you like abstract art, surreal art, impressionism or perhaps you like photography.  A good place to start understanding what you like is by browsing in the art section of a book shop.

3)      What’s your preferred interior design style (contact us to take a style quiz) and/or your favourite colours?  This will help guide what kind of art you like or what will work in your space.

4)      The best pieces of art for your space are the ones that give you an emotional reaction.  It’s like falling in love, you can’t stop looking at it and you think and talk about it fondly.

5)      Avoid off the shelf art or widely seen and used images or prints.  As mentioned art is the finishing touch to a space so it’s important the same care and attention has been put in selecting the art as has been in creating the interior design.

Interior designers will familiarise themselves with local artists and have some general knowledge in art, it comes with the territory but to really make your space sing do you own research and learn what you love and just buy it.  That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learnt, if you see a piece that grabs you buy it, don’t think twice, you could regret it.