Choose a Benchtop

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The kitchen is the hub of the home and it’s important to get the design of your kitchen right.  Not just from an aesthetics perspective but functionality, configuration and storage are critical to the design of your kitchen.  From all the specs clients need to choose for their kitchen the benchtop can often be a painful one given it is the centrepiece of the space.  Most clients focus on stone for their benchtop, however stone is expensive and when your budget needs to stretch far, I often ask my clients to consider laminate; here are my tops tips on choosing between laminate and stone;

  1. You may have a negative perception of laminate but think again, with progress in various technologies laminate is different and with 3 main suppliers Polytec, Laminex and Wilsonart, it’s worth investigating. For example, check out this on trend concrete effect option from Wilsonart.
  2. Where do you prefer to spend your money? If your priority is on lighting or appliances then maybe you don’t need to spend so much on a stone benchtop.
  3. What’s your style goal? Some interior styles lend themselves well to stone and others not so much.
  4. Both have pros and cons, worth doing your research on both options.
  5. Shop around for the stone of your preference, stone prices vary greatly, don’t just consider the top brands. Your interior designer will have wholesale suppliers that can offer highly competitive prices.


We’ve specified both laminate and stone for the kitchens we’ve worked on, and each client was happy with the result.  The determining factor for most clients is budget but some clients think stone is their only option, which is why it’s worth considering laminate.  If you need to make choices for a kitchen or bathroom in a new build, check out our New Building Packagecontact us for a free no obligation meeting.