Briefing an Architect

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Not many people realise that an interior designer can advise on floor plan layouts, instead they go first to an architect (or draftsperson) to get plans drawn up for their project.  Some thought and consideration needs to happen before you can give your architect a great brief that meets all of your structural, functional and aesthetic goals.  Here are my top 5 tips on briefing your architect;

  1. Do your homework by assessing your own home/space. Over a period of time be aware of how you use each room in your house and what bothers you about that room?  Make a list of problems.
  2. Talk to an interior designer first. An interior designer will get to the heart of your structural, functional and aesthetic goals, giving you greater clarity about your project.
  3. List your priorities, wish list and areas of compromise.
  4. Collect pictures of homes you like to show your architect and try to articulate why you like the home in the picture.
  5. Set a budget. Many people are afraid of announcing their budget thinking the architect (or interior designer) will be extravagant but actually a budget is helpful for the design and specification of materials.
  6. Bonus tip – don’t DIY. Seek professional help for the whole project to avoid costly mistakes, alleviate stress and to guarantee the outcome.


There are many resources online (eg www.aaarchitect.com.au) and many professionals to help you with your project.  Find the right professionals (not necessarily the cheapest) and build a team around you for the best results from go to woe.  For more help with your project and floor plan layout contact us.