Best Results from Your Designer

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One of the most powerful aspects of interior design is what I call the evolution of ideas.

This is a process of ideas freely exchanged without judgement between client and designer until the right solution presents itself.  All ideas and suggestions need to be vetted and stewed over before a final decision is made; here are my top tips on how to get the best results out of your interior designer;

  1. Expectations; it’s important to keep your expectations in check when working with a designer not every idea that is discussed will be viable, but it is that idea that will lead to an amazing outcome.
  2. Information, provide your designer with as much information and feedback as possible. A designer cannot read minds or perform magic and needs to present solution within parameters such as budget, space and personal preferences so being honest and detailed in your feedback is crucial to receiving a wining solution that you love.
  3. Time is of the essence in every project and yet creativity needs to flow freely to ensure great ideas are thought of and thought through even before they are presented, allow your designer the space to work on your concept.
  4. Open Minded; there are many roads to a winning solution a designer sees things differently to you, so let your designer explore and present many options.
  5. Trust your designer to deliver results but don’t be disappointed if the first idea doesn’t make sense, trust, honesty and feedback will turn that first idea into an amazing space.

Creativity is a wonderful asset and it’s what you’re seeking from your designer within the boundaries of your brief, enjoy the design process and be excited by where it may take you and be patient because an idea or concept that you think may be whacky or unworkable may turn out super fantastic.  If you’re ready to talk about your project and excited about how creativity can deliver the wow factor for you contact us for a free no obligation chat.