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Benefits of working with an interior designer – from client perspective

Although I know the benefits of working with an interior designer, I understand that people who want to engage with an interior designer will have are a lot of questions and reservations.  Therefore, I have a lot of information I offer to prospective clients, ranging from my design process to a step by step outline of how a project is developed.  This outline shows what’s included and what’s excluded in the service. The aim is to be transparent as possible. 

Over time and experience, taking into consideration all the questions I’ve been asked over the years I have developed a suite of documents to help answer as many questions as possible.

But recently I was asked ‘what’s your value proposition?’ In truth it was the first time I was ever asked that question.  And to be even more honest I didn’t know how to answer it, but I did manage to fumble a response and win the contract and I’m currently working on this apartment project in Southbank.

So when I saw this question on Facebook this week: –

I’m thinking of hiring an Interior Designer for our renos. If you’ve hired one, why? And if not, what drove that decision? – Gabriella

…I was interested in the responses from clients revealing the benefits of working with interior designer, from their own experience.  There were over thirty comments left by people who had worked with an interior designer all over Australia, on a range of projects.

I reviewed and collated the common responses, and here are the top FOUR benefits of working with an interior designer.

An interior designer ensures cohesion

One of the top benefits of working with an interior designer is cohesion.  An interior designer’s innate ability to keep the big picture in mind and help make micro decisions with a macro mindset to ensure your home is cohesive and every room works.  All the finishes, fixtures, fittings, furniture and furnishings working together to achieve balance and harmony.

It’s great to talk through ideas, spaces, concepts and colours.  My interior designer has been a fantastic help for me, to come up with alternate ways to use the space and talk through ideas – Jodi

An interior designer saves you time

Many clients, especially those that work full time, really value the amount of time they save when working with an interior designer.  Usually, clients have spent countless weekends searching for items for their project, to no avail and are left feeling more confused and deflated. Their dream home seems far away.

This can lead to feelings of deflation.  Many of my clients are super excited to be working with an interior designer because of the time they save but also because of the reassurance of actually getting their dream home.

I’ve done it both ways, on my own and with a designer. Now I’ll always use a designer. They save so much time. Instead of having to traipse around multiple places the designer brings you a selection of choices based on your brief. You pick from 3 or so choices (rather than the 3000 choices at the shops). It’s so much easier. And they often can get trade discount for you. I saved on my bathroom tiles this way. I also had confidence that my choices would work as I trusted my interior designer. Honestly they are worth their weight in gold. Especially if you’re time poor. – Miranda

We had it as an extra with our architect and it was the best money spent. Saved so much time trawling the internet and shops! I said what I wanted, she knew the different brands that had options (a lot I’d never heard of so wouldn’t have found on my own) & she was able to quickly colour match feature kitchen colours with tiles I’d picked etc. It covered door hardware, locks, architraves, all the door profiles, paint colours, tiles, basins, taps, outdoor fittings, and so much more in the one sitting. Lots of small things I wouldn’t have thought of until the builder asked down the track. Highly recommend seeing one!  – Rowena

Oh best thing I did! Saved heaps of time and got me better deals hence they ended up paying for themselves! Also really push my boundaries in a good way.. – Vanessa

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Bathroom refurb, Brunswick

An interior designer has the experience and qualifications

Reputable interior designers are trained, and qualified with years of experience.  They are like any other professional such as a lawyer or accountant.  Their expertise is invaluable.  So, while working with a reputable, trained and qualified interior designer may not be cheap, just like working with a great lawyer or accountant, it’s simply just worth it.

Most designers have years of experience and formalised training versus trying to figure it out on your own. Just research your interior designer and make sure they have the right aesthetic for you – Morgan

The knowledge, skill and design creativity of interior designers is so often overlooked and under rated! Not to mention the time and money you’ll save through access to their network, connections and sometimes trade discounts. Don’t be afraid to talk to interior designers and ask about their process and pricing, I personally love chatting it through with as much transparency as possible without the client having to feel locked in to anything. Bec

An interior designer saves you money

Interior designers have access to trade discounts, they can get wholesale prices but they also know how to spend your budget on where it actually matters.  Based on a client’s brief, and what the key goals and priorities are, an interior designer knows how to spend a client’s budget in the right way to achieve the dream outcome.

For example, with my Southbank project, I specified a $300 bedhead because my client wanted to invest in vintage Danish dining chairs which were $2000.  The bedhead doesn’t look cheap, it’s cohesive but we were able to save on that one piece so my client could spend on a collectible in a showcase space where it mattered.

I would highly consider one they saved me $10k however make sure you are clear on what you like and you will get a better result, my house is going into a magazine unlikely to have happened without them – Hayley

There are many benefits to working with an interior designer but essentially the client needs to value the talent, experience and expertise of an interior designer to get the most out of the experience.  If you think you can do it yourself because you’ve seen The Block year after year, then working with an interior designer is not for you.  Best to DIY. 

But if you’re really wanting to achieve a dream outcome, are time poor, what to ensure your investment pays off, want a house that works functionally and is so beautiful it looks like it belongs in a magazine then working with an interior designer will pay dividends.

This client reveal of the benefits of working with an interior designer was really interesting to me and shows that whether your project is big or small there is no doubt that an interior designer will add value, alleviate stress and contribute to a successful project and your ultimate happiness. So why not have a chat with us today.

Best thing I’ve ever done – Gaye