Bathroom Design

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In February 2018 I refurbished my bathroom, but the design process started at least six months before that in September 2017.  I was keen to apply the same design process to my own project that I apply with my clients to ensure success, rather than take any shortcuts, here are my top tips on bathroom design;

  1. Decide on your style and colour scheme from the beginning. Knowing this from the outset will help you make decisions such as type and colour of benchtop, vanity style and door profile, tapware, tiles and so on. (Take our quiz to learn your style.)
  2. Carefully consider your storage needs and design a bathroom that is functional as well as beautiful.
  3. Do a floor plan to ensure hooks to access towels are in the right spot to the shower or the shower screen doesn’t block the front door.
  4. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be free from accessories to beautify the space and give it a wow factor. Consider wallpaper, frames, lighting, plants, baskets, candles, to add some pizzazz.
  5. You can save a lot of money by avoiding high street retailers, look on Ebay, and wholesale places that deal direct to the public. This may take more time but it’s worth it.


Bonus Tip

  • Be prepared for contingencies, despite how carefully you plan, something may go wrong and to avoid delays in the project it’s good to have time, money and product contingencies.

Bathrooms are such an important room in any house it’s used quickly for a shower before work and leisurely for a relaxing bath, take the time to make your bathroom your haven.  A space that works well and looks gorgeous.  For help with your bathroom refurbishment contact us.