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Accommodation Design Hot Spots – Italy

My passions include; film, travel and interior design.  So, it makes sense that I drool over exotic international accommodation design hot spots like Italy. To quench my thirst, I follow Conde Nast Traveller on Instagram and click ‘save’ on A LOT of their pics. It’s become my virtual bucket list.

Accommodation Design Hot Spot – Pantelleria, Italy

This month I was taken by the island of Pantelleria, Sicily, Italy. I found some of the most beautiful accommodation design options.

I first become aware of Pantelleria after seeing the film A Bigger Splash.  The outdoor space below captures the essence of the Mediterranean experience. With simple rustic white director style chairs. But what caught my eye is the industrial style pendant. 

hotel design

On the one hand it the industrial style pendant light seems out of place. Maybe festoon lighting might could have been more suitable. But on the other hand it’s rustic and timeless just like everything else.

This outdoor space is so evocative, you can feel the sea breeze, smell the surrounding herbs and hear the crickets chirping.  This place is definitely on ‘the list’.

Sikelia – Luxury Retreat

On the same island is a hotel called Sikelia – Luxury Retreat and OH MY GOD – I love the simplicity of the design of their suites.

The Sikelia website actually references the ‘volumes of light’ in their suits. And I love how the interior design is minimal to highlight the light’s changing direction. The light casts shadows on different sections of the space at different times.  It’s luxury that touches all the senses.

accommodation design

I have been fortunate to travel and have been to Italy a few times.  As much as I love travelling to different countries, I also get a buzz out of visiting the same country more than once and discovering and appreciating new regions. 

I will never tire from Italy and Pantelleria would be an amazing island to visit and explore the scene locations from a Bigger Splash. Try a bit of scene spotting while appreciating the wide range of interior design on offer in their accommodation options.

With accommodation design, function is important but more important is creating an atmosphere for an unforgettable experience. An experience that impacts all of your guest’s senses and creates long lasting memories.  Chat to us today about your accommodation design project.

Cover Image – Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash