Working with Tradies

Interior Design Melbourne

An Interior Designer must be able to work and communicate effectively with all trades people. A lot is riding on the success of the relationship between us, ultimately the client’s happiness and satisfaction that their goals and vision for a space have been achieved.  I talk a lot to clients about how to work with trades people and here are my top tips;


1) Do your homework about your project and try and learn the language of various materials and techniques, that way you can be informed when briefing your chosen trades person.

2) Spend some time researching to find the right trades person. This is not always a price decision, it’s more about expertise, quality of work and referees.

3) Don’t assume you’ve been understood. Use pictures to communicate your final vision. Tradespeople use different language and think differently to you.

4) Check in daily once the work as commenced. What’s the aim for the day, any current and foreseeable problems.

5) Be flexible and build in contingencies both time and money. Things do wrong unfortunately (a trade person can’t anticipate problems), and having a good relationship with your trades person from the outset is the only way to ensure your project is completed with a quality finish, in a timely fashion, which is not necessarily the time you agreed from the outset.

But the biggest tip I have is to engage an Interior Designer for your project. An interior designer is already streets ahead of you in terms of experience with working with trades people and has the time to manage them effectively.

For more information about how I can help with your project contact us and check out www.renovationplanning.com.au with even more tips on working with trades people.