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The front room of this two storey residence in Brunswick has not been defined with a specific purpose. Located to the right of the entrance its lack of purpose is primarily due to its position, as it is far from the ‘hub’ of the property where there is an open plan kitchen, dining, living area. Therefore, this space is used for work, study, storage and general dumping. It’s not an ideal introduction to the property and not appealing to potential buyers.

What We Delivered

Defining the space was key, completely clearing the room allowed a good review of what could stay and how it could be defined. The window treatment, although quite traditional, is good quality and worth keeping. The carpet is brown, fairly new and in good condition, also worth keeping. The walls had some cracks that need attention, but generally the colour was neutral and workable.

Adding pieces such as a sofa and coffee table immediately defines this space and is a welcome introduction to the house, it’s warm and homely. Adding quirky pieces such as the art, Asian inspired red ottomans and the silver mosquito ornaments on the coffee table, communicates a modern, fun space, enhanced by the ‘trendy’ bendy light.

Keeping the colour scheme neutral, brown and white, also appeals to potential buyers who can feel the warmth through the photos and see how the space could be used.


“We asked Trish from Grace Interior Designs to help us with the front room of our Brunswick home because we felt we could use the space better. Trish was quick to identify the need to give the room a function and put together a style that really suited the home and what we were looking for. The feedback we’ve had has been really positive, Grace Interior Designs made a huge difference to the space and how our home was presented.” Natalie K