• 03

    Successful Christmas Decor

    I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that Christmas is just around the corner.  Are you having the main Christmas meal at your place this year? It could be a...

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  • 05

    Colour Conundrum

    This month I’ve been busy installing a master bedroom and one of the first jobs was painting the walls and ceiling. For many people choosing colour is a conundrum...

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  • 06

    Hung Up

    I recently hung up some art and various prints in my bedroom and got unstuck with the above blue/black themed vignette.  Firstly trying to centre it on the right wall...

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  • 04

    Six Questions

    An interior design project can be exciting, stressful and expensive, so I think it’s very important to take time before you start to ask yourself some key questions. When...

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  • 06

    Iberica Farringdon

    As well as the colour palette black white and grey I’m obsessed with Spain and Spanish culture, including their designers. You don’t have to think too hard to find...

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  • 08

    Destination 3000

    I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Harry (furniture designer) and Andrew (furniture business specialist) at their Melbourne furniture showroom Destination 3000. Our discussion was interesting and controversial at times but...

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  • 05


    Initially I thought Bluetrain was a completely impressive interior however, I realised that actually the space has a number of impressive independent features that don’t necessarily work together.

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  • 05

    The Lovebird Cafe

    Ange and Neil are the owners of The Lovebird Cafe on High St Armadale, they are both newlyweds and new owners of this Armdale cafe, read what Neil had...

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  • 09

    Sara Jade Hair & Beauty Part II

    In part II of my Featured Design of Sara Jade Hair & Beauty, I look specifically at the space and how Sara realised the vision for her salon.

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  • 12

    Sara Jade Hair & Beauty

    In the first of a two part Featured Design, this month I interviewed Sara Jade of Sara Jade Hair & Beauty.  Sara relocated her salon earlier this year and...

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