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eStyling KIT©

Are you a first home buyer or moving for the first time and get confused when buying furniture and homewares, worried that the pieces that look good in store won’t look good in your home?

Do you want to know what your interior design style is to shop confidently for your home and create a beautiful space that you love?

With the eStyling KIT we’ll teach you what your interior design style is, how to create it and where to shop for it, avoiding costly mistakes on pieces of furniture and homewares that don’t work together.  Enabling you to be more focused, confident and less confused when shopping for your home to create a space you absolutely love.

For $550.00, including GST the eStyling KIT includes;

  1. Defining and Describing Your Personal Interior Design Style
    Using a specialised quiz and images of visual cues, we discover what you like and don’t like, to define and describe your interior design style.
  2. Personalised Interior Design Profile & One Hour Phone Consultation
    We develop your personalised interior design profile and discuss this with you extensively on the phone until we’re sure you understand your interior design style and can effectively use this information to create a space you love.
  3. Selection of a Colour Scheme
    Using your favourite colour or a colour of your favourite furniture or homewares we select a complimentary colour scheme and advise you how to apply it in your own home.
    Watch our video on how to work with neutrals for more colour tips.
  4. List of Retailers
    Once your personalised interior design profile and colour scheme are developed, we provide a list of 5 known and trusted homewares and furniture retailers where you can confidently shop for your interior design style.
  5. One Hour Online Shopping Skype Session
    We take the guess work out of shopping and bring confidence to your decision making.  During this session we have a look at key pieces for you to buy from the list of retailers provided.
  6. An eBook of our Top Tips
    You will receive a comprehensive eBook to access our top tips when styling your space.

This entire kit is designed to help you feel empowered to create a space you love.

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